limbo - simon faithfull

Live drawings delivered by website, Twitter, Facebook, RSS & iPhone


Limbo is a web-based artwork and iPhone App which presents and delivers live digital drawings by the artist Simon Faithfull. To receive drawings as they are made, download the iPhone App or follow on Twitter and Facebook.

Wandering the world over the last 11 years, Simon Faithfull has consistently made drawings on an electronic device that record his presence in a particular place, at a particular moment, somewhere on the surface of the planet. At time of writing, over 800 observational sketches record what he saw in each of these places. These details of everyday life have slowly built up to record his wanderings from Whitechapel High Street to Antarctica and back.

Limbo makes this entire back-catalogue of drawings available, and presents new sketches live to the user, the moment that they are made. This digital, instantaneous platform mirrors the process by which Faithfull makes the drawings. The work also creates a personal atlas of the world, mapping time and space, as experienced by one individual, on an ongoing basis.

Simon Faithfull

Simon Faithfull lives and works in London and Berlin. His work often centres on journeys, whether proposed or actually undertaken. These are made in a variety of media, including digital drawings and online projects, as well as film and video.

Faithfull travelled to Antarctica with the British Antarctic Survey on an Arts Council fellowship, sent a chair into space with a live video feed and has recently completed a major permanent public art commission for the city of Liverpool which documents a trip from Liverpool, UK to Liverpool, Canada. He has exhibited in many venues internationally, with solo presentations including British Film Institute Gallery and Chisenhale Gallery, London; Stills, Edinburgh; and CCA, Glasgow. His work has also been shown at LABoral, Spain; Haus Am Waldsee, Berlin; and Kunsthalle Freiburg, Switzerland. Faithfull is represented by Parker’s Box, New York and Galerie Polaris, Paris.


An Expanding Atlas of Subjectivity is now available as a bookwork. Each copy is totally unique, a hand-sewn paper archive of the online database at that point in time. For more information about the bookwork please click here.


Limbo is part of an ongoing series of web-based artworks commissioned by Film and Video Umbrella. The project is supported by website and app developers Cuttlefish and ArtSway, where Simon Faithfull is an Associate artist. Limbo launched with a cross-channel ferry residency, orchestrated by artconnexion.